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We Are Pehüa

PEHÜA from Nahuatl means beginning.
We´ve developed a contemporary cuisine from the origins of mexican gastronomy.

Specialized contemporary techniques and using only the best products in the market allows us to offer a completely new experience that transforms the memory and emotions of our culinary traditions into a completely new cook galley.

Monday to Saturday 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:15 pm.


Sour bread, pulque, pineapple vinegar, mango, potato

Celery, scallop, bone marrow / celery, scallop, pico de gallo

Soft shell crab, coconut, celeriac, salicornia, cilantro, chorizo

Plantain, beans, cheese

Sope, beans, escamoles

Esquites, chile de arbol, onion, epazote, chicken skin

Beef cheek taco, cilantro, avocado, onion

Catch of the day, cilantro, tomatillo, pitiona

Barbacoa, chintesle

Lime sorbet, chicatana ant, toronjil

Tostada, fermented strawberries, chocolate

Epazote, cheese, zucchini blossom, damiana

$ 1,100.00
With Pairing $1,900.00

Shrimp tamal 150grs $172

Soft Shell crab taco 90grs $113

Sope with escamoles 4 pieces $290

Beef cheek black angus taco 3 pieces $157

Scallop and beef tongue tostada 75grs $115

Broad bean tlacoyo with Oaxaca’s ham 2 pieces $157

Crab tlacoyo with quintonil salad and nopales 140grs $178

Milpa’s salad 250grs $125

Molote istmeño 4 pieces $115

Beans with pork 280grs $164

Local corn esquites 231grs $156

Scallop and shrimp aguachile 145grs $178

Oyster with sobrasada and figs 4 pieces $160

Pickled mussels and pig trotters 148grs $210

Cactus ceviche with catch of the day 135grs $162

Lentils soup 210grs $126

Beans, ham from oaxaca, radish, martajada sauce, habanero 300grs $160
Wild crab itacate, quintonil, nopal, pasilla sauce 140grs $210
Tamal, cheese, bean, hoja santa, cilantro 140grs $173
Scoth egg, plantain, bean, leek, coloradito 200grs $158

Black angus braised beef cheek tacos, avocado, cilantro, onion three tacos $165
Local corn esquites, chili mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chileatole 231grs $156

Duck, red pipian, broccoli, pitiona, cauliflower 180grs $372
Pork jowl, huitlacoche, mushroom, pine nut 160grs $260
Barbacoa, chintesle 180grs $435

Romeritos, red mole, tempura with shrimp powder, potato 155grs $192
Mushrooms, bone marrow, pink mole 180grs $250
Catch of the day, chichilo, plantain, parsnip 160grs $327

Romeritos with amarillito and potato 200grs $156

Beef tongue in adobo and XO sauce 220grs $285

Lamb in barbacoa and chiintesle 165grs $415

Chile in nogada 250grs $292

Duck in coloradito 165grs $352

Rabbit in green sauce with sardines and cured sawfish 180grs $192

Pork jowl in huitlacoche sauce and pine nuts 160grs $260

Shrimp in cacahuazintle corn sauce, almonds and a cauliflower purée 185grs $315

TASTING MENU 8 course $1,100


Mamey flan and pixtle 130grs $125

Berries with nicoatole 130grs $125

Textures of chocolate 130grs $125

Cheese tart with capulines 130grs $125

Epazote biscuit with zucchini blossom meringue and cheese ice cream 130grs $125

Seasonal fruit soup 130grs $125

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Av. Sonora 123. Col. Roma Norte.
Del. Cuauhtemoc. C.P. 06700. CDMX
(Corner with Parque España)
+52 55 7825 0349 / +52 55 7825 0350